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Residential Insulation and Radiant Barrier

Energy bill busters

See How Much You Could Save


Home Insulation

The lack of proper roofing insulation and ventilation can lead to temperature spikes of up to 25%. This increase in the ambient temperature inside your home causes your air conditioning system to compensate for the excess heat – forcing it to work twice as hard and consume more energy. 

Fiberglass attic insulation is a tried and true solution that you most likely have in your attic already.  However, over time, it settles and its efficiency diminishes.  In this case, depending on the condition of the existing insulation, we could blow 14-18 inches of fiberglass insulation over the old and returning your home to better energy efficiency.

Unlike regular insulation that slows down the transfer of heat, radiant heat barriers resist the transfer of heat by reflecting it. Without the added heat, the ambient temperature in your home is significantly lowered. Your air conditioning system consumes less energy, and you get:

  • A decrease of up to 40% in your cooling and heating bills

  • Lower load on your air conditioning system

  • A more comfortable regulated temperature in the home

  • A longer lasting roof

Cut your energy bills and make every day more comfortable. Contact Energy Bill Busters today.

radiant barrier


Because it is made of aluminum, radiant barrier works by deflecting most of the heat that comes in contact with it. Aluminum has a heat absorption rate of 3%. This means that the remaining 97% of the heat is deflected like the reflective insulation we provide.

Materials with lesser densities conduct less heat, therefore the heat absorbed by the barrier is harmlessly dissipated before it reaches other parts of your attic. The same principle applies during colder seasons. Only this time, the heat generated by your radiator is deflected back into the house. Because the heat has nowhere to go, your home stays warm. The indoor temperature remains constant, and you consume less energy.​

Enjoy up to 40% savings on your cooling and heating bills. With hundreds of dollars worth of annual savings, the radiant barrier would have paid itself in a matter of years.

radiant barrier pic.png

Solar attic fans

What can we say about solar attic fans, but wow.  They are self sufficient, getting all of their power from the Sun and detect when your attic temperature is getting high.  They kick into action and ventilate the heat from your attic keeping the attic cooler so the other parts of your attic insulation system can work more efficiently.

With a 30% tax credit, why wouldn’t you have a solar attic fan installed in your home?

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